In the series, Supernatural, Dr. James Merritt reminds us that if we take Jesus at His Word, bring Him what we have, and trust Him to help us do what He called us to do, we will see that miracles still have a very real place in the lives of God's children today.

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  • Do You Believe In Miracles? - January 3, 2016

    Jesus Christ Himself is defined by the miraculous. It is impossible to believe in Him and not in the possibility of miracles. God has a purpose and a process for the miraculous. They held a very specific place in the life of Jesus. They also have a place in our lives today.

  • Do You Have Any Leftovers? - January 10, 2016

    The miracles that Jesus performed in the Bible all required faith. Sometimes He would ask a person to sow what was already in hand. As He demonstrated through a boy's lunch of small loaves and fishes, Jesus teaches us to look at what we already have that can be sown, blessed, and multiplied so th...

  • Running On Empty - January 17, 2016

    Have you ever poured out your heart to a friend, yet he never seems to turn his face away from the TV? Jesus never gets distracted. If you care about something, He cares about it too. You'll never approach Him with a problem that he doesn't care about or have a solution for. Learn how to take the...

  • Taken by Storm - January 24, 2016

    Have you ever been a "storm" in your own life? The kind of event in your life that you knew Jesus was the only place you could turn? Maybe it was the dreaded late-night phone call with bad news, a bad report from the doctor, or unexpected loss of a job. No matter what you are facing, you can trus...