Still Standing

Still Standing

When life threatens to trip you up, push you over, or knock you down, you can still stand tall! Still Standing will strengthen your resolve and improve your chances of success as you discover God's winning strategies for tackling your tough times head-on.

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Still Standing
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot - January 12, 2014

    In this very personal message, James Merritt shares his story of triumph in the face of overwhelming opposition, as God intervened in his life and ministry to teach him, and all of us, how to stand when your world is seemingly crumbling around you. This is the first message from the series, Still...

  • Stay on the Ladder - January 19, 2014

    Based on the life of Nehemiah, this message teaches you how to stay strong in your convictions when everyone else says it can't be done. A must for those facing what appears to be impossible odds to accomplish what God promised you can do. This is the second message from the series, Still Standin...

  • The Right Behind the Wrong - January 26, 2014

    Where's your focus? Are you looking at what's going wrong? Or, are you looking at what's going right? It's so easy to be drawn to the negative, to those things that are causing us discomfort in some area of life. But if we look too long, we can get off track. God wants you to keep your focus on t...

  • Up the Down Slope - February 2, 2014

    We all get depressed from time to time. Just when we feel like we're on a mountain top, our spirits and emotions begin to spiral downward, and we find ourselves broken and battered. In this powerful message, James Merritt not only tells why we often get depressed, but teaches us God's plan for a ...

  • Crisis Management - February 9, 2014

    In these powerful words from the Apostle Paul, we learn God's Purpose and design for suffering in our lives, and how He uses suffering to draw us closer to Him. This is the 5th sermon from the "Still Standing" series, based on Dr. Merritt's book of the same title.