So Help Me God!

So Help Me God!

We have a tradition in America that so many oaths end with “So help me God.” The military’s oath of enlistment ends with “So help me God.” The commissioned officer’s oath ends with “So help me God.” Presidents take the oath of office and end with “So help me God.” In this series, we are going to deal with three key areas where we all need help. As we look at each of these areas, I hope we all will better understand that only God can give us the help that we need.

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So Help Me God!
  • Help Me With Me - March 14, 2021

    It’s a very common goal to want to be the best version of yourself. Go into any bookstore and bookshelf after bookshelf is lined with writings that will help you address your self-image and your self-worth and give you all kinds of techniques to help you feel better about yourself. But here is th...

  • Help Me With Worry - March 21, 2021

    There is a difference between worry and concern. You should be concerned about your children getting a good education, coming to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, and concerned about the relationships they have and the friends that they make. If those things don’t concern you, you are a bad parent....

  • Help Me With Temptation - March 28, 2021

    As we wrap up this series, we are going to deal with the third area where not only certain people need help, but frankly we all need help, and that is in the area of temptation. I want to challenge you to think about something. If you think about every regret you have in life, every do-over, or a...

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