Sermon Series

  • Revenge Factor (Part 1) - June 28, 2020

    Despite the triumphs of David, King Saul became filled with the poison of jealousy and sought to have his revenge by killing David. Saul hires elite soldiers to kill David, but he escapes just before they are to execute him while sleeping. Filled with rage, Saul sent his entire army after David, ...

  • David: Life Lessons From a King

    4 videos

    Shepherd, poet, warrior, king. In the Old Testament, there are few names that resonate as loudly as David. Join us for this brand new series on one of the most interesting and important characters of the entire Bible. The series is called "David, Life Lessons from a King" and contains nine messag...

  • Sermon Singles from Dr. James Merritt

    52 videos

    Stand-alone messages that are not part of a series.