Christmas Unwrapped

Christmas Unwrapped

In this very special Christmas series, we are going to breakdown several elements of the Christmas story in order to gain a better understanding of the miraculous and praise-worthy details of Jesus’ birth. We will take a look at the biology of Christmas, the theology of Christmas, and finally the doxology of Christmas as we unwrap the best Christmas gift of all time – our Savior, the Son of God.

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Christmas Unwrapped
  • Christmas Biology - December 8, 2019

    The story of Christmas begins with the virgin birth of Jesus. This virgin birth remains the second-most controversial miracle in all of history, second only to Jesus’ resurrection. Unfortunately, this miracle has been under intense scrutiny by scientists, physicians, and people who simply say com...

  • Christmas Theology - December 15, 2019

    The hardest thing to believe about Jesus is not how He got here or what He did while He was alive on the earth. The real difficulty is truly understanding Jesus Himself and who He was as God in the flesh. The hard message for many to swallow is not the Good Friday message of atonement, or the Eas...

  • Sermon Booklet - Christmas Unwrapped

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    Use this sermon guide to follow along with Dr. Merritt as he preaches this series.

  • Christmas Doxology - December 22, 2019

    The word “doxology” comes from two weeks Greek words, one which means “praise” or “glory” and the other one which means “word.” A doxology is literally a word or an expression of praise and glory. To understand Christmas doxology, we turn to a man who unlike the shepherds and (a little later on) ...